Credit Cards

About Credit Cards

A credit card is a convenient instrument by which you can pay for goods and services. Moreover, you can use a credit card online and offline. One of the main credit card benefits you get over using cash or debit cards is that you get a period of free credit. Hence, you can afford a lot of products without having to use your savings. Additionally, you get credit cards in a wide variety, and these have credit card features that suit your unique spending habits and needs. Therefore, the features of any credit card are good to know about before you choose the one that’s right for you:

EMI Payments

A credit card is available online and offline. Furthermore, eligibility criteria are easy to fulfil, and basic documentation is required.

Customised Card Limit

The credit card limit varies from one card to another and is largely based on the discretion of the card issuer. You also have to have a stipulated credit score, and the higher this is, the higher your credit limit will be.

Loans During Emergencies

Credit card facilities may be used to get a personal loan in case of emergency expenses.

Cash Withdrawal

Another advantage of a credit card over a debit card is that you can also withdraw advance cash from ATMs with the facility of repaying amounts when you have to settle your bill.


Clearly, the best credit card perks are the discounts and offers you can avail of on a range of products. In addition, you get reward points on the basis of your spending and the kind of credit card you use. These can be redeemed for more discounts later on.

Payment Security

A credit card is a digital instrument that offers you safety in payments. With multi-factor authentication and in-hand security features, you needn’t have cause to be concerned.

Credit Card Benefits

Credit card features and benefits are often similar, and you get a host of advantages that are similar across a range of credit cards. Here are some credit card benefits to consider

Big-Ticket Products On Credit

You can purchase high-end products with your credit card, not only with a credit-free period, but by purchasing products in EMI. Consequently, your budget doesn’t take a hit, and you remain worry-free.

Freedom from Cash

A credit card eliminates the need to carry cash around with you when you shop. It also facilitates online shopping without any contact from payment.

Access to Rewards, Cashback and Offers

Credit card uses and benefits mainly lie in the specific discounts, reward points, and cashback offers that can be obtained while paying. Special credit cards may be linked to exclusive retailers, web portals for shopping, travel sites, etc. Therefore, rewards vary accordingly.

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