Personal Loan

About Personal Loan

Personal Loan helps you to convert your dream lists into to-do lists. These loans are effortless, instant and we try to give you back what just you need. Offered for specific purposes, personal loans are given at a fixed rate of interest and need to be repaid under a specific period of time.
People usually take hold of these loans for their personal expenses like wedding expenses, medical bills, home renovation, credit card debt, student loans etc. As they are easy to avail, nowadays these loans prove to be a great helping hand for people.

Personal Loan Products

Here are some of the products of a personal loan:

Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies never come with a heads up but need instant funds for speedy recovery. With our for medical emergencies, you can get funds up to 25 lakhs and choose the best medical treatment without worrying about bills.

Wedding Purpose

Now you can have all this and more without worrying about available funds. For that, you can easily get a marriage loan from Loan Mart. Our personal loan product is just what you need to finance the wedding of your dreams.

Child Educations

As a parent, you will always have your children’s best interest in mind. He will want them to study at a reputable school and give them an excellent opportunity for their further education. However, school and university costs increase every year.

Holiday Loan

No place is out of reach for your loved ones, when our personal loans are with you. Take that much-needed vacation and take in new sights in distant landscapes. All travel expenses i.e. flights, stay, shopping, activities and other bills can now be paid instantly with personal loan funds.

Features of Personal Loan

Here are some of the features and benefits of a personal loan:

Faster Loan

Pre-approval is usually quick. Meeting the eligibility criteria is key when it comes to fast delivery of a personal loan. Having a good credit score is a definite advantage. The disbursement time depends on the bank or lender, but it is usually within 24 hours; or 72 hours maximum

Repayment Flexibility

In addition to the above important aspects, evaluate whether the lender gives you the opportunity to repay the loan earlier, and how much it will cost you. This flexibility can help you pay off your loan early, as well as ease difficult times.

Enjoy the best rates

Personal loans come with attractive interest rates, making them easily affordable for everyone. This ensures that your EMI remains fixed throughout the life of your loan. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the constantly fluctuating interest rates that characterize other types of loans.

Loan Tenure

The maximum loan term for individuals is usually 5 years. But the shorter the term of a personal loan, the better. A higher tenure can reduce your EMI, making repayments convenient, while choosing a lower tenure (say 2 to 3 years) increases your EMI; you pay a higher interest cost on a Personal Loan.

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All loans are not created equal, personal loan has become a great option for people to use.